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The BEC is leading a statewide effort to create student-centered classrooms in each school in Oregon. With a focus on student learning, achievement will be measured through proficiency-based practices, focusing on strategies that are outlined in It’s About Time: A Framework for Proficiency-based Teaching & Learning (Diane Smith).

Proficiency Overview

In a student-centered classroom, teachers focus on personalized learning—not the one-size-fits-all model. Efforts are made to address the learning needs of each student and where they are on the continuum of knowledge and skills.

Educators support student efforts with interventions or acceleration to help them demonstrate, at a minimum, a proficient level of skill. Each student is expected to make gains in state and nationally adopted standards, as measured through a collection of summative assessments and activities, with the goal being to demonstrate proficiency in the standards at grade level or higher.

Our Vision

We are driven by a vision in which:

Every student is excited about, fully engaged in, and owns their learning – clearly understanding academic expectations and challenging themselves to become proficient in all subjects; and

Every student earns a high school diploma that is a meaningful predictor of post-secondary success; they will have the knowledge and skills to think critically, to communicate effectively, to innovate and to adapt in an ever-changing world.

Initiative Impact

Since 2005, well over 6,000 teachers and administrators have participated in Proficiency trainings.

Proficiency Contacts:

Diane Smith, Teaching & Learning Initiative Director,, 503-646-0242 x28

Tamra Busch-Johnsen, Executive Director,, 503-646-0242 x24


“At its core a proficiency based education is not a new fad or system, it is simply best practice at work.”

Randy Dalton, Principal
Molalla High School