β€œAt its core a proficiency based education is not a new fad or system, it is simply best practice at work.”

Randy Dalton, Principal
Molalla High School

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The BEC is leading a statewide initiative to transform K-12 education in Oregon and dramatically improve student achievement outcomes through Proficiency-Based Teaching and Learning (PBTL).

Proficiency Overview

With a focus on the professional development needs of teachers, statewide workshops and clinics are changing the way educators engage students and inspire lifelong learning. This Initiative is playing a critical role in helping teachers, administrators and school districts implement the new Oregon diploma standards by 2012.

Proficiency Workbook - It's About Time

BEC Leads Proficiency






Our Vision

We are driven by a vision in which:

Every student is excited about, fully engaged in, and owns their learning – clearly understanding academic expectations and challenging themselves to become proficient in all subjects; and

Every student earns a high school diploma that is a meaningful predictor of post-secondary success; they will have the knowledge and skills to think critically, to communicate effectively, to innovate and to adapt in an ever-changing world.

Initiative Impact

Since 2005, well over 2,000 teachers have participated in this Initiative, impacting an estimated 75,000 Oregon students.

Proficiency Contacts:

Diane Smith, Teaching & Learning Initiative Director,, 503-646-0242 x28

Tamra Busch-Johnsen, Executive Director,, 503-646-0242 x24